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Payroll Management


The issuance and management of payroll with regard to ever-changing statutory requirements can take a toll on company time and expense. Mismanagement exposes firms to fines, errors and delays. People™ processes over $100,000,000 worth of payroll every year for clients in more than 20 countries, adjusted to cater for region-specific regulations at each location.

We keep our clients’ payrolls ready for review or disbursement at a single click. Integration of our online platform with attendance machines, email clients and accounting software allow our service benefits to extend to all aspects of our clients’ business.

Services under Payroll Management Include:

Our Process

People processes over 100 Million USD of Payroll Every year for clients in more than 25 countries

New Joiners, Leavers, Attendance, Benefits & deductions data is provided by client

New Data is incorporated into old payroll data by People™

Gross & Net Salaries + Statutory Payments

Data is reviewed and approved by client

Salaries Disbursed to Staff by People™

Reduce your payroll work to a few hours per year

Bespoke HR Outsourcing Solutions

People is the leading HR outsourcing firm in the Middle East and South-Central Asia with two decades of specialized experience.

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