Training & Development


We wish for our clients to aim higher through investment in their people. As corporations worldwide take on training & development initiatives to polish the skills and competencies of their workforce, People™ facilitates such activities with the vision to optimize utilization of the human resource. Concurrently, we aim for overall development of the staff at a personal and professional level.

People™develops and conducts customized corporate training workshops for courses specific to our clients’ requirements.

Strategy & Organization Performance
Behavioral Skills
Individual Performance
Customized Trainings

Did You Know

Companies that invest in training and development yield 24% higher profits (Huffington Post). In 2020, PeopleTM trained over 50 under privileged women to set up a home-based restaurant that would operate through the FoodPanda App.

Increased Productivity
Makes Employees Happy
Allows Internal Promotion
Reduced Need for Supervision