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HR Strategy and Organization Development

Since inception, the firm has engaged in comprehensive HR consulting mandates for organizations of various sizes across diverse sectors. The following profile is not intended to be an exhaustive list of assignments completed, projects consulted and/or clients engaged by PEOPLE™, but represents a select sample of illustrative experience listed by client and in random order.

Askari Commercial Bank Limited. (ACBL)

In 2006, PEOPLE™ engaged in a comprehensive organizational development and HR management mandate with Askari Commercial Bank Limited that led to the overall transformation of the Bank’s strategy going forward and organizational restructuring of its businesses accordingly. Key areas of PEOPLE’s mandate included:

Muslim Commercial Bank (MCB)

In 2003, PEOPLE™ engaged in a comprehensive human resource management initiative for Muslim Commercial Bank Limited. The assignment covered:

Sui Northern Gas Pipelines Limited (SNGPL)

In 2003, PEOPLE™ was consulted for the organizational development initiative for Sui Northern Gas Pipelines Limited (SNGPL). The assignment included the various components as listed below. Over the last few years, PEOPLE™ has been providing services related to recruitment and placement of staff in a nationwide campaign for SNGPL. More recently, the firm was also consulted for conducting a comprehensive manpower study.

Invest Capital

In 2002, PEOPLE™ provided an extensive advisory mandate for the development and institution of a comprehensive Human Resource management set up for Invest Capital and Securities Limited – a leading financial services and brokerage firm. The project included:

Meezan Bank Limited

In 2002, PEOPLE™ advised Meezan Bank on the amalgamation process of HR practices, policies and systems for their acquisition of Societe Generale. The assignment included:

Union Bank Limited (UBL)

In 2003, PEOPLE™ provided an assignment for professional support in strategy building for Union Bank Limited (UBL) with emphasis on the deliverables listed below. Over 100 top managers across the country participated in the process in six different strategy sessions.

Pakistan Industrial Credit & Investment Corp. (PICIC)

In 2002, PEOPLE™ conducted a human recourse management diagnostic research for Pakistan Industrial Credit & Investment Corporation (PICIC). Our advisory mandate resulted in the following:

UBL-Fund Managers

In 2005, PEOPLE™ engaged in a HR management mandate for UBL Fund Managers, a subsidiary and fund management company of UBL. The scope of the assignment included the following:

AMZ Securities & Technologies Limited

In 2004, PEOPLE™ got involved in an extensive advisory mandate for the development and set up of a comprehensive Human Resource Management System for AMZ Group – including their securities, technologies, and food business. The project included:

United Bank Limited (UBL)

PEOPLE™ designed and structured a variable compensation scheme for United Bank Limited (UBL) – Investment Banking Group. The new scheme was built upon an equitable and balanced approach which took into account individual performance factors as well as market movements.

Mercer Worldwide

PEOPLE™ conducted a market study on remuneration strategy and scales in the investment-banking sector on behalf of Akhtar & Hasan (Actuaries) - local representatives of Mercer Worldwide.